Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nadipathy @ Hasthinapuram – Delhi The Indian Capital

Greetings from Nadipathy Research Foundation.

As you all know that Nadipathy’s fruits are spreading across the continent and Nadipathy’s  Drug free Alternative Medical system is being honoured and ushered by the world. In this stage Allopathic doctors also came forward to know this Nadipathy system which is the Worlds Non medicinal intervention to cure many chronic ailments.

I went to Delhi on 2nd Night to attend the Award Ceremony of Indo-Vietnam Medical Board which consists of eminent personalities from Allopathy, Yoga, Ayurvedic Acharyryas, acupuncture specialists, and other systems. The special invitees were

Nadipathy Research Team achievements were ushered specifically in the conference and given an extra time of 2 minutes from 5 minutes to know the Nadipathy system and its process. In this conference most of the dignitaries asked about Beach Sand Therapy (BeST).

In this regard the Board Members and other members expressed their interest, and support in spreading and developing this Nadipathy Holistic system in Vietnam. On this occasion there was an agreement between Nadipathy and Indo-Vietnam Board.

I thank everyone in this achievement and my special contribution to all the members of Nadipathy Research Foundation Team.

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