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2Cms Height Growth with 3Days Treatment @Nadipathy

         Every one need to gain some maximum
height in their life. But it depends up on the genes they inherit from their
parents, as well as general health and nutrition, during their years of growth.
Illness (or) poor nutrition during childhood (or)   being small (or) premature at birth may cause
children that do not reach their full potential adult height.
NORMAL GROWTH:  The fastest period of growth is before birth,
with the baby growing from almost zero to a length of about 50cm in nine
months. This speed falls after birth with an average growth of 5.5 cm per year
at 8 year old. During puberty, growth speeds up again. This is called the
pubertal growth. Before puberty, boys and girls grow at similar speeds, but
during puberty boys grow more than girls. The average height of an adult means
14 cm taller than the average height of an adult woman.
Bones increase in length because of growth plates in the bones called
epiphyses. As puberty, progresses the growth plates mature and at the ends of
puberty, they fuse and stop growing. The whole of the Skelton does not stop
growing at the same time hands and feet stop first, then arms and legs, with
the last area of growth being the spine. Growth slows down and stops, when a
child has gone all the way through puberty and has reached an adult stage of
development. This means that growth does not stop at a particular age, but
children who are early developers will stop growing before late developers.
After the growth plates fuse, there is no more increase in height, and we all
then shrink gradually as we get older. The new born baby having 300 bones, when
the child mature to an adult person it comes to 206.
1. Growth hormone made in the
pituitary gland, which is the most important factor to increase height.
2. Thyroid hormone also regulate the
metabolic activities, it maintains calcitonin hormone to maintain calcium
levels in our body.
3. Sex hormones, testosterone (or)
estrogens which are important for growth during puberty.

Many medicines are available in market
to increase the height. Most of the medicines are depend on intake of high
calcium levels in the body.  Getting to
much calcium can cause constipation; it might also interfere with the body’s
ability to absorb iron and zinc. In adults too much calcium (from dietary
supplements but not food) might increase the risk of kidney stones. Some
studies show that people who consume high amounts of calcium might have
increased risks of prostate cancer and heart disease.
Nadipathy Introduced first time in
India to gain 100% height within 1-5 treatments. People stop growing at 18.
Studies show that people continue growing well in to their twenties at a much
slower rate but they do grow. According to our research, most people have
nutritional problem& hormonal in-balance is the main reason to their
stunted growth. Once the pituitary gland/thyroid gland is activated, we see the
positive results within 10 minutes of our treatment. If any genetic history
person has the stunted growth, he/she have the ability to increase height in 7
– 17 of their age.
We using acupuncture, acupressure,
marma, Vedic therapy, roping therapy, exercise therapy, yoga therapy, magnet
therapy, seed therapy, cupping therapy, reflex therapy, beach sand therapy
&some natural therapies to increase the maximum height. It is the safe
treatment with 0% side effects who need to increase their height.
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